Crittenden Social Club Rules 2016 – 17

The rules for fishing on and in Crittenden Reservoir are as follows (Lake rules and prices subject to change without notice, contact Allen Wilson for more information):

  1. Entrance on property is by invitation or membership only.
  2. We reserve the right to deny membership
  3. Membership is:
    1. Absolutely NO trout, but 5 bass in posession permitted.
    2. Barbless hooks only please, or crimp your barbs.
    3. Artificial lures only, NO BAIT.
  4. Any individual(s) or groups caught or know to have violated these simple rules will be immediately banned from the property and their membership will be revoked without refund.
  5. All Winecup Gamble Ranch will assume no injury or liability.
  6. All Winecup Gamble Ranch visitor rules must be followed while on private property.
  7. All Nevada State Boat Safety Regulations will apply.
  8. Alcohol is permitted in moderation only.
  9. No gas motors — electric motors only.
  11. Attention members:

    When you bring a guest it is your responsibility to make sure that they are properly equipped. That means minimum 6 weight rods, no lighter than 3X tippet and proper sized nets. Please ask them not to stress the fish but to land them quickly, handling the fish at a minimum is important, and if they play the fish longer than 5 minutes, no pictures are allowed. We are losing big fish from overplaying and handling the fish too much. If these rules are not followed you may lose your membership and/or your guest may be sent home. I pray this will never happen, and thank you members!

On your first outing to Crittenden this year you must fill out and sign the Crittenden Release before you will be allowed on the water. You can get the form here.

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